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About us

If you're looking for a perfect forest experience in Kočevsko we're the right choice. Enjoy hiking and e-biking, wildlife tracking, forest survival or bear-watching with us. You can also rent e-bike and discover pristine nature of Kočevsko on your own.

Lynx is our spirit animal. Why? It is skilled and knows its living area very well - just like our tourguides who show you all the hidden corners of Kočevsko. It is adaptable - just like our adventures that always have your needs and wishes in mind. Also, lynx knows where to find the best nourishment - and good local cuisine is essential part of our trips!

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  • What services are included in the price?
    For detailed information on what is included in the price of each trip please check the description of the trip you are interested in. Or shoot us an email. :)
  • What is the meeting point of your trips?
    Most of the trips start in Kočevje. We will let you know the exact location in the email following your booking.
  • Are your trips suitable for families?
    At the moment e-bike trips are not suitable for families, due to bike sizes (but we are working on that) :) As our philosophy is to always accommodate your wishes and needs, all other trips can be adjusted so that they will suit you and your family. Just send us an email and we will find a solution for you!
  • What clothing should I pack for one of your adventures?
    Depends on the season. We have hot summers and cold winters in Kočevje, which is why we recommend following the weather forecast a few days before your arrival. In general, good hiking boots or sports shoes (for cycling) are a must, for hiking trips a set of hiking sticks is recommended, and an extra layer of spare clothing never harms. Nevertheless, a few days before your adventure our team will contact you with a thorough list of clothing and equipment you will need.
  • How many people can attend your trips?
    We like to keep our groups small so we can insure the best possible quality of our adventures. For e-bike trips the maximum number of people is 6, for all the other trips the number is 8. Survival trips can be organised for bigger groups.
  • Do you organize team buildings as well?
    Yes, our adventures are perfect for team buildings as they encourage participants to cooperate and strengthen their collaboration skills. We can host groups of up to 20 people on nature survival trips which means they are suitable also for bigger teams. For all the other trips the number of participants please look under “How many people can attend your trips” question.
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