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Kočevska Reka - a birthplace of Slovenia

Kočevska Reka - a birthplace of Slovenia

Duration: 7-9 hours*

Lenght: 55 km

Difficulty: 3/5

Suitable for: up to 6 people


Kočevska Reka is known for its historical role as a closed area during Yugoslavia times and later a birthplace of Slovenian independence. But you can also find marvelous natural sights here. On this whole-day trip you will discover stories from history, with a little luck see white-tailed eagle and uncover all the secrets of animal-tracking. 

  • Program

    • In the morning departure from Kočevje to Kolpa valley with stops to explain history and natural attractions.

    • When we arrive at Kočevska Reka village we will take a guided tour of Eagle path, situated right on the Reško lake. From ornithological observatories we will try to spot the 2 white-tailed eagles that nest here. We will also learn about the complexity of ecological processes and importance of bird of prey conservation.

    • Then we will make a stop in Kočevska reka village to see historical sights - this village was very important in the process of Slovenian independence.

    • There will be a possibility of a guided tour of Škrilj Bunker, which was built during the cold war 80 metres underground and that encompasses 500 metres of tunnels.

    • Lunch with local culinary delicacies at Pr' Slavcu hunter’s lodge.

    • After lunch we will visit Marina ranch, where we will see their horse estate. Second biggest riding hall in Slovenia is located there as well.

    • In the late afternoon we will return to Kočevje through Stojna mountain range. We will have a crack at animal-tracking. At stops in the woods we will search for animal traces, faeces and food animals leave behind and discover which inhabitant walked the same paths as us. 

  • Prices

    1 person 220 € or 240 € with Bunker Škrilj tour

    2 persons 150 €/person or 170 € with Bunker Škrilj tour

    3 persons 130 €/person or 150 € with Bunker Škrilj tour

    4-6 persons 110 €/person or 130 € with Bunker Škrilj tour


    T​​​he prices include 22% VAT

  • The price includes

    • renting an e-bike and bike helmet

    • tour guide who will be with you the whole trip 

    • Eagle path tour

    • Lunch at Pr' Slavcu hunter’s lodge

    • additional: Bunker Škrilj tour

    • snacks

  • Recommended equipment

    • appropriate shoes (low hiking shoes or waterproof sneakers) 

    • appropriate clothes (make sure you won’t be cold!) 

    • enough water (you will be able to make refills at stops)


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