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Secret forest of Kočevski Rog

Secret forest of Kočevski Rog

Kočevski Rog is not just an area where you can find a virgin forest and enjoy the greatness of wilderness but also a place that hides concealed memories of recent history. Experience it with a skilled tour guide, discover the beauty of nature and treat yourself with local dishes on a farm in the middle of the forest!

Our adventures are based on personal approach and taking your wishes into account so you can choose the number of stops.



  • The trip can include:

    • We can make stops at mass graves Pod Krenom, where mass executions took place after WW 2, at Žaga Rog that was one of the biggest sawmills in Slovenia at the end of 19th Century, then we will take a walk right at the edge of Rajhenavski Rog virgin forest, we will see one of the biggest fir trees in this part of Europe, Queen of Rog and finally make a stop at Bear friendly Brdnik farm in Rajhenav.
    • Guided tour of Baza 20 Partisan base which was home to the political leadership of the Slovene national liberation movement from April 1943 to December 1944. An important monument of Slovene statehood, it is the only still preserved secret headquarters of any European resistance movement built in such a manner.
    • Tour of abandoned Gottschee villages From the middle of the 14th century until 1942, a German-speaking area of approximately 800 sq km in size was part of the Kočevsko region. Gottscheer people had their own language, lively culture and great skills to survive and thrive in a not too friendly natural landscape. After Gottscheers emigrated the area was left empty and more than one half of 176 villages were destroyed. We will explore the remains of some, uncovering the life of this interesting ethnic group.
    • Lunch at Brdnik farm in Rajhenav where they can offer local cold cuts or real homemade lunch with local beef from their farm.
  • Prices:

    Prices for half-day trip:

    1 person 200 €

    2 persons 120 €/person

    3 persons 100 €/person

    4-8 person 90 €/person


    Prices for whole-day trip:

    1 person 340 €

    2 persons 220 €/person

    3 persons 180 €/person

    4-8 person 140 €/person


    T​​​he prices include 22% VAT


For Trips, please leave quantity as 1

and select number of persons from drop-down

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