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Mountain tops over Kočevje

Mountain tops over Kočevje

Duration: half-day trip (4-5 hours)

Lenght: 12 km

Difficulty: 2/5

Suitable for: families and groups up to 8 people


Stojna is a mountain range located directly above Kočevje and it’s a popular hiking spot of local hikers. On this trip we will hike to all the mountain tops of Trimček hiking path - on Livoldski vrh we will observe the south part of Kočevje valley,  on Fridrihštajn we will discover remains of a castle and a tragic love story of Veronika Deseniška and count Friderik of Celje, on Požgani hrib we will look to the west of Kočevsko and finally on Mestni vrh we will admire the views over Kočevje.


  • Program:

    • In the morning we start our hike from Kočevje to Stojna. We will make stops on the way where our local guide will entertain you with stories from local history and interesting facts about Kočevsko.
    • We will hike to all four peaks over Kočevje: first to the highest Livoldski vrh, then to Fridrihštajn with old castle ruins, Požgani hrib and finally Mestni vrh with viewing tower. While you will be enjoying the views, the tour guide will tell you interesting facts about forest and wild animals that live in Kočevsko.
    • During the weekend we will treat ourselves with a lunch at Koča pri Jelenovem studencu hut, while during the week we will enjoy in a forest picnic with a variety of local cold cuts.
    • We will return to Kočevje in the afternoon.
  • Prices:

    1 person 120 €

    2 persons 70 €/person

    3 persons 60 €/person

    4-8 person 40 €/person


    T​​​he prices include 22% VAT

  • Recommended equipment

    • appropriate shoes (best: hiking shoes)
    • appropriate clothes (make sure you won’t be cold!)
    • enough water
    • we will take care of all the food and snacks on the way

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