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Mythical Kolpa valley

Mythical Kolpa valley

In the kingdom of Kolpa valley outstanding trails with magnificent views await. Adrenalin experiences on the river and cultural diversity make this a trip worth taking, no matter the season!


Duration: 8-9 hours

  • Suitable for:

    • In the morning departure with a van from Kočevje through Borovec to Osilnica. On the way the guide will tell you a lot about Kočevsko’s rich history and its natural characteristics.
    • Guided hike to Loška stena and Firštov rep natural reserve where we will enjoy stunning views. To make the hike more easy and enjoyable, we will make stops every here and there and the guide will explain interesting facts about forest, animals and coexistence between people and nature.
    • Lunch at Kovač restaurant in Osilnica
    • We will continue the tour of Osilnica valley with a visit to the gallery of academic sculptor Stane Jarm, St. Peter and Paul church in Osilnica, Mirtoviški potok village, where we will admire waterfalls, rapids and pools, Ribjek village with one of the oldest churches in Slovenia and fishery, Gorše forge and St. Ana church with a viewpoint of the whole Kolpa valley.
    • After that our trip will take us to Kostel side of the valley where we will have a guided tour of the second biggest castle complex in Slovenia, Kostel castle.
    • By appointment rafting on Kolpa river or Adrenaline park visit is possible.
    • Return to Kočevje in the late afternoon
  • Prices:

    1 person 320 €

    2 persons 190 €/person

    3 persons 160 €/person

    4-8 person 100 €/person


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