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Wildlife tracking and bear watching

Wildlife tracking and bear watching

Half-day trip:

Duration: 6-7 hours

Difficulty: 2/5

Suitable for: families and groups up to 8 people


Whole-day trip:

Duration: 12-13 hours


When you come to Kočevsko you simply must fully experience the forest. You can do that best by tracking animals that concludes with bear watching.


Go deep into the forest with a skilled guide until you find first traces of animals. You will follow them and try to discover other signs of wildlife, such as faeces and food they leave behind. This is how you will learn a lot about forest inhabitants and their living environment. When the night falls you will go to a safe bear observatory where you will try to spot the most famous inhabitant of our forests. Experienced hunter will be with you the whole time. We offer two options: half-day trip or whole-day trip that we upgrade with a morning part in Kočevski Rog.

  • Program:

    Half-day trip:

    • In the afternoon we depart with a van from Kočevje to Kočevska Reka area. After about half an hour we will park and go into the forest to try animal tracking. Do you want to know what an encyclopedia of a tree is? You will find out while you will be searching for traces, faeces and food remains of diverse forest inhabitants.
    • We will continue our adventure in Kočevska reka with a tour of the Bear room. Here you will meet the most famous inhabitant of our forests and learn everything about its life to prepare for evening adventure.
    • We will have an early dinner at Pr' Slavcu hunter’s lodge with local delicacies.
    • After dinner we will meet the hunter and go to a bear observatory with him. We often see other animals as well so exciting adventure is guaranteed!
    • Return to Kočevje in the late evening.

    Whole-day trip:

    • In the morning we depart with a van from Kočevje to Kočevski Rog.
    • We will make stops at mass graves Pod Krenom, where mass executions took place after WW 2, at Žaga Rog that was one of the biggest sawmills in Slovenia at the end of 19th Century, then we will take a walk right at the edge of Rajhenavski Rog virgin forest, we will see one of the biggest fir trees in this part of Europe, Queen of Rog and finally make a stop at Bear friendly Brdnik farm in Rajhenav.
    • Lunch at Brdnik farm in Rajhenav where they can offer local cold cuts or real home-made lunch with local beef from their farm.
    • Departure to Kočevska Reka area and continuing as with half-day trip.
  • Prices:

    Half-day trip:

    1 person 400 €

    2 persons 260 €/person

    3 persons 200 €/person

    4 person 180 €/person

    5 person 220 €/person

    6 person 190 €/person

    7 person 180 €/person

    8 person 160 €/person

    Whole-day trip:

    1 person 520 €

    2 persons 340 €/person

    3 persons 280 €/person

    4 person 240 €/person

    5 person 280 €/person

    6 person 240 €/person

    7 person 230 €/person

    8 person 200 €/person


    T​​​he prices include 22% VAT

  • Recommended equipment:

    • appropriate shoes (best: hiking shoes)
    • appropriate clothes (make sure you won’t be cold!)
    • enough water
    • we will take care of all the food and snacks on the way

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